2014 Calendar

The Bay Area Trips calendar is an innovative and creative way to help parents, teachers, and students become more aware of the Bay Area and its many attractions and locations. Because we work in conjunction with Michael's Transportation we have access to local school districts, which allow us to help teachers find all of the most interesting places to field trip with their students throughout the Bay. Building on the positive relationships already established between our various partners and other city leaders, the distribution of our calendar encompasses the entire Bay Area and ensures our vendors receive widespread exposure in the region.

After the great success we had with the 2013 version, we are looking forward to the newer and improved version of our calendar this year. In order to be apart of this years' success we created three different packages for our vendors to choose from, each one offering a great budget with an unbeatable deal. Take a look at our full rate card below.

Act now before all of our slots are filled and you miss out on this great opportunity to get the most bang for your buck.

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