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Michael's Transportation

Michael's Transportation Service, Inc. has been providing school bus transportation to the Greater Bay Area since 1982. The Company has experienced continuing growth in providing school bus transportation.

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iMERGE Advertising

Internet advertising committed to giving your company an actual presence as far and wide on the internet as possible. With the need to know why, where, and how, becoming more important when advertising your company to the public, iMerge does not stop at simply posting links that point to your site, but we make you relevant to as many markets as possible.

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Parents & Students

Assures parents that their childrens' experiences outside of the classroom are just as informative and educational as their experiences inside, and helps the students find new ways of absorbing information that they may have had difficulty with inside their classroom settings.


Ensures that teachers use their scheduled field trips in the most effective ways possible, turning a simple outing outside of the school into a holistic learning experience for their students. Encompassing both the visual and analytical sides of the brain, as well as the physical and tactile elements of learning. 

For Business Owners

Allows business leaders the oppourtunity to spotlight the educational aspects and benefits of their businesses. Providing insight and awareness into these operations, making them educationally relevant, and showing how they pertain to the community as a whole.

Academic Elements ©
Rating System

Powered by Educators, the Academic Elements rating system is built to help teachers quickly find field trip destinations that match their educational goal.  With educational funding constantly decreasing, oftentimes there are no funds available for field trips. Therefore, when funds become available, it is imperative that teachers efficiently select destinations that connect with the maximum number of California Standards for the majority of the students.

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